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New Construction

Before you start on a new construction project, do the research on our membranes and underlayments. Advancements in science and technology has changed the way roofing is being done.

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Construction Services

Roof Repair Services

Rain, ponding water, sun, wind, fire. Many things can damage a roof. If you need roof repair services, consider high quality membranes and/or underlayments for your repairs. Make your next roof last with a GreenTech Roof!

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Roof Repair Services


Roofing retrofit services that are truly unique. With total life cycle cost considered, our retrofit services will save you money over the long run. Our science based solutions will provide the best roofing system for sustainability.

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We offer a variety of retrofitting services for proven sustainability.

Retrofit Services

Sustainable Design

Most of the materials sold as sustainable in today's market do not follow the "cradle to grave principle." Learn why GreenTech leads the industry in true sustainabllity.

Exterior Woes? We got you!

We design building exteriors that are sustainable with minimal impact on the environment.

Building Envelope Design

Material Testing

Test before you invest! Quality in construction materials can vary wildly. Our testing services can show you what your material would look like after 5, 10, 20 years and beyond.

Test Before You Invest!

Paint, metal, wood and more. Test it all and find out how long it will last in our torture testing facilities.

Testing Services


Custom metal fabrication for all of your roofing and construction needs. From chimney caps to custom architecture needs, our in-house fabrication services provide un-matched quality.

Sustainable Metal Products

From water jet cutting to CNC bending, we can do it all.

Metal Fabrication Services

GreenTech Roofing Services. Unlike Any Other Roofing Company.

GreenTech’s roofing systems are unlike anything on the market today. We use chemistry and science to make sure our products truly outperform the competition.

Our systems have proven to last longer and hold up better with less maintenance over time. By scheduling a time to tour our facilities and research lab, you can see for yourself.

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