Roofing Material Testing Labs

State-of-the-art Research lab

GreenTech Roofing puts everyones products to the test. With advanced testing equipment that can mimic many years in the open environment, customers can see for themselves which roofing system outlasts the others. Our lab replicates ASTM testing so we can prove our products are superior by exceeding these standards.

GreenTech keeps a host of products on hand, but we encourage customers to supply their own products for a side-by-side comparison. While our focus is on roofing systems, we allow customers to test other building materials. From floor tile to wallpaper on building interiors, synthetic stuccos to exterior paints our customers can make informed, science based decisions for their properties.

Introducing our testing partner

Advanced testing for All Building materials.

GreenTech Roofing is proud to partner with Build 360 Labs for all our testing needs. With the ability to perform a wide variety of tests, the state of the art lab can evaluate any building envelope material to find the best one on the market today.

By testing samples of material, builder owners can not only see what lasts the longest, but also which product has the least amount of degradation. Doing so could save owners millions of investment dollars by performing simple weathering, abrasion, flamabilitiy and strength testing.

Build 360 Labs

Scientific Data for Measurable Sustainability

Materials Testing for Sustainable Decisions

Advanced Weather Chamber

GreenTech’s weather chamber simplifies light fastness testing and delivers accurate results. With the ability to set location parameters, one day in the chamber can mimic one year in the open environment for fast results.

Abrasion Testing

When friction is the predominant factor causing deterioration of your materials, abrasion and wear testing will give you data to compare materials or coatings and can help you predict the lifetime of a material or coating.

Tensile Strength Test

Tensile Testing of materials is a destructive test that provides information about the tensile strength, yield strength and ductility of the material. With the capacity to apply up to 5000 Newtons of force, this test will show what a product is made of.

Puncture Resistance

This test method determines the resistance of a product to the penetration of a probe at a single constant test speed, similar to the type of stress encountered in many product end user applications.

Flammability Testing

Will your products, subsystems or components operate as designed when exposed to fire conditions, or will they go up in flames? GreenTech Roofing has the ability test and evaluate the ignition, burning, or combustion characteristics of building materials.

Chemical Resistance

This technique tests how products react when they come into contact with the kind of chemicals they could see in their everyday use. The test monitors changes in weight, dimensions, appearance and strength properties.

Heat Testing

Temperature stresses are a key part of design qualification and reliability testing for products. By baking products in a range of temperatures, you will be able to see how a product handles high heat and if the formula of the product remains stable.

Freeze/Thaw Testing

Freeze-thaw cycle testing is a part of stability testing that allows you to determine if a product will remain stable under various conditions. This type of test puts samples through a series of extreme, rapid temperature changes that could happen day to day.

Test before you invest

Making choices based on science vs a sales pitch is key to long term returns on investment.

Let our labs provide you with the knowledge and data that comes from scientific testing so you can make educated decisions for your building needs.