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Stop into our chemistry lab. We will show you first hand how our membranes and underlayment outlasts our competition.

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Sustainable Roofing Technology Just Got Better!

  • Unmatched Durability

    Because of our commitment to the science-based approach, we have developed a sustainable product that outlasts and outperforms in environments across the nation. Environmental and weather conditions do not degrade our products like most other roofing products in the marketplace.

  • Sustainable & Green

    GreenTech’s G4, G5 and G6 membranes have a molecular bond that is so strong, it’s still undetermined just how long it will last. At nearly 40 years and counting, over 99.9% of these roofing systems are still in place, with the only replacements being from storm damages, building redevelopments or fires.

  • Save Money Over Time

    Building owners need to be aware of life cycle costs, rather than just the up front price. Many owners who choose the cheaper system end up spending a lot more money on routine maintenance, increasing the life cycle cost even more. GreenTech’s membranes outlast our competitors, which results in considerable savings when comparing the life cycle costs.



Price Compared To Competitors

Let’s Strive For Excellence!

Building & manufacturing roofs shouldn’t be rocket science. But that’s the quality we strive for.

Over 65 years serving the construction industry has taught us that most roofing systems aren’t backed by scientific knowledge.

What makes us different? Our roof systems are designed to last longer than the competition, giving you peace of mind along with sustainable technologies, GreenTech’s roofing systems are unlike any other on the market.

The proof is in the pudding. Fill out the form, schedule a tour or on-site demo, and see first hand the science behind our technology. Are you ready to start saving money on your next roofing project? Contact us today!