Custom Made Metal Fabrication

Zip, Zap, Zing! Instant, Custom Metal.

GreenTech Roofing has advanced machining methods for manipulating metal products. From water jets to CNC bending machines, our ability to cut thick gauge stainless steel and aluminum products exceeds what other companies can only dream of.

While building for a sustainable future, we manufacture most of our products from materials designed to last “life of building”.

With other companies building products from galvanized steel and pop rivets, our products have welded corners and are made from aluminum, stainless steel, copper and zinc.

Bending, Cutting, Rivets. You name it, we can do it.

Putting the “edge” in Cutting Edge

Metal Bending Services

GreenTech Roofing utilizes the best in American made machinery, bending up to 14 gauge steel in 12′ lengths.

From flashing metals to architectural implements, GreenTech Roofing can custom make anything imaginable for your building.

Water Jet Metal Cutting Services

GreenTech uses aerospace standards when cutting within .001″ repeat-ability. From carbon fiber, glass, titanium, steel, fiberglass, foam, expanded PVC or virtually any material you can place on the table.

While roofing is our core business, please ask for more information on custom fabricating parts for your specific needs. Our table sizes range from 5′ to 10′ length.

Metal Welding Services

GreenTech Roofing is currently in negotiations to implement robotic welding to our manufacturing platform.

This application method will increase quality for our customers and allow us to use the labor savings to produce a more sustainable product line at a reduced cost.

Custom, Architectural Metal Made To Order

Putting the “edge” in Cutting Edge

Custom Made Chimney Caps

Custom made chimney caps are easily manufactured with our 5-axis CNC machine. Quick turnarounds mean your chimney caps will be in hand sooner than you expected. Need a large quantity? We have a scaled system across the U.S. able to handle any order. Contact us today for more info.

Custom Car Part Fabrication

Custom car CNC machining. Need metal parts made custom for a race car or a show car? Our 5-axis CNC machine can make any part for you out of virtually any metal.

Custom Made Oven Hoods

Architectural metal designs for any home or office are easily accomplished with our CNC machines. We can custom make any metal design using copper, steel, aluminum, brass or any other type of metal.

Custom Cut Metal Art

Are you an artist or sculptor who needs to have access to a CNC machine? Send us your art files and we can have a quote back to you within 24hrs.

Free Quote within 24hrs.

GreenTech offers a wide variety of services and applications in our industrial metal manufacturing business. Please contact our sales staff to visit our facilities to get a better understanding of what our capabilities are.

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