New Commercial Roofing

New Roofing Construction for Flat, Pitched or Metal roofs.

GreenTech Roofing carries a variety of products that cover all new construction needs. Whether it is a commercial flat roof or a pitched roof, we have many products for a sustainable future. Our inventory includes multiple styles of membranes that range from the standard to extreme duty based on the building needs and location. Our two styles of underlayments for pitched roof applications are the most advanced underlayments on the market today.

While many things have changed in the roofing industry, GreenTech is committed to ongoing research to prove and disprove manufacturers claims, insuring our customers get the best value for their return on investment dollars.

GreenTech’s products are manufactured based on real science that provides superior durability and longevity. By choosing one of our products for your new building, investors and owners will have a roofing system that is low maintenance and cost effective.

Sustainable Membranes & Underlayment. What’s not to love?

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Flat Roof Membranes that are industructible.

G6 = Max Armor/60Mil Membrane

GreenTech’s G6 Max Armor is a 60-mil thick membrane that is one of the most intense thermoplastic membranes on the market today. It is nearly impervious to punctures and tearing even on the most abused roof areas. It also has extreme fungus, algae and flame resistance. Because of this, the G6 Max Armor is GreenTech’s most durable roofing system offered.

This membrane is typically used for buildings above three stories tall, golf course buildings, roof gardens and other extreme duty applications.

G5 = Ultra/50Mil Membrane

The sustainable G5 Ultra membrane is a 50-mil thick membrane that has physical and performance properties that surpass all of its competitors and even some heavy duty membranes. The unique G5 formula provides superior hot air welding properties, extreme UV resistance, comprehensive chemical resistance and long-term flexibility and reparability.

This type of membrane is used for heavy traffic roof environments, such as restaurants, manufacturing/industrial facilities and multi-family applications.

G4 = Classic/36Mil Membrane

GreenTech’s G4 is a 36-mil thick membrane with a formulation that has been applied across the nation for over 38 years with 99.9% of the roofing systems still in service today. Only fire and extreme environmental conditions have resulted in the removal of these roofing systems.

The G4 membrane is commonly used in typical residential, multifamily and commercial buildings with light foot traffic.

Our Underlayments for Pitched Roofs ARE Inpenetrable.

G3 = Orange Shield/28Mil Underlayment

Our G3 Orange Shield is a molecular designed underlayment to be a true long-term, sustainable water proofing membrane. When installing a lifetime roofing system such as clay tile, copper or zinc roofing systems, its only logical to install a lifetime underlayment with long lasting roofing systems.

G2 = Orange Shield/22Mil Underlayment

Our G2 Orange Shield is a molecular designed underlayment to be a true long-term, sustainable water proofing membrane. It is specifically manufactured for concrete tile and painted steel roofing systems that are designed to last only 25 years or less.

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GreenTech has the products, knowledge and expertise to provide superior service for your construction projects.

We developed our membranes and underlayments with the customer’s best interests in mind. The technologies that we use provide long lasting sustainability and durability.

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