Sustainable Design

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Building Envelope materials should be designed for sustainability, as well as protection from the elements. Finding that perfect balance of the two has always been a struggle for the construction industry. Not anymore. GreenTech Roofing has proprietary building envelope design materials that will outlast even the toughest competition.

Our in-house testing facility has proven our membranes surpass the competition in longevity and durability. Don’t believe it? We welcome you to our chemistry lab to see first hand how our testing equipment demonstrates the difference in the quality of membranes, underlayment, paint and tile. Don’t spend money on a new building until you have tested the sustainability of your building envelope materials.

Function & Performance, together in harmony.

New Construction

Before you even begin building your new construction project, take the time to do the research to see which construction materials perform the best over time. While many decisions are based on initial price, following this path is often disastrous to the investment dollar. Getting building owners to understand the benefit of sustainable products allows them the ability to make educated choices.

While roof maintenance can become extremely costly over the roofs lifespan, choosing a product that is sustainable and durable can make a difference in a company’s financial future.

GreenTech Roofings products are proven to last three times longer than our competition and with less than 1% degradation over four decades of service. We know what it takes to make a building more energy efficient and want to share that knowledge with our customers. Together we can design for a sustainable future.

Keeping water out with eco-friendly materials.

Sustainable Designs

Rainwater harvesting will be an integral part of building design in the near future. Most other roofing systems have chemicals that can make the rainwater unusable. Let GreenTech Roofing prepare for your future with innovative building envelope designs that collect and store the rain runoff.

While many manufacturers claim their roofing systems to be recyclable, the truth is once the compounds are combined into a roofing product, they become illegal to put into a landfill at end of life.

Have Sustainable Design Questions?

GreenTech Roofing has the knowledge and capability to work with our clients to find the best building design possible. By using science, not myths, we have manufactured the top solutions for roofing.

Want to see the science for yourself? Fill out the form to schedule a tour of our facilities, an on-site demo or to learn more about GreenTech’s services and products. We want to help you make the smart choice.